Bring Smart Ideas with
Mobile Software Development
and Computer Vision together.

The result is:


what we do?

Indoor positioning

We build 3D models for accurate indoor positioning from real world objects, captured by the camera of handheld devices empowered by our internally developed C++ core library

Virtual Reality

Fast object & 3D space scanner + gesture based control + 360° sound + eyeware device = virtual reality applications

Smart Application Development

Based on our R&D work, prototype applications written in C/C++/C#, Java, ObjectiveC and Unity 3D engine,
are coming soon to Android, iPhone
and Windows Phone devices

our apps

Distance measurement

Are You interested to know how far the cabinet from Your desk is? ... or the neighbour’s house from Yours? Don’t You have a laser rangefinder nearby?

Take simply Your handheld and do a measurement with our Distance application. A measurement can be performed indoor or outdoor at one single point
or at multiple points within a ROI.

No tricks – simply computer vision science & a smart application.

Capture the World into Your Pocket!

Are You interested to have the 3D model of Your favorite car or sculpture You’ve seen on the street? Do You want to have Your „head“ on Your bosses desk?

Capture and build Your own Scann3D object with our mobile application.
See the reconsruction on Your phone’s display. Modify the result in an external 3D editor if needed. Place the 3D model on Your HTML5 website. Use a 3D printer to bring the mini version of the photographed Eiffel tower to Your appartment!

who we are?

Research in
Budapest, Hungary

Startup providing Technology and

Computer Science
and Electrical

Enthusiastic Team

In 2014, former lecturers, PhD students, young computer science engineers from leading hungarian universities, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the Eötvös Loránd University, with strong theoretical background on computer vision & telecommunication, as well as researchers from medical industry with competative knowledge on modern software development methodology teamed up as a startup to provide leading edge technology solutions in everyday 3D vision challenges.

Our goal is to provide leading edge technology solutions in everyday 3D vision challenges.

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